We thoroughly enjoy working with all members of your family! New babies that are just hours old to toddlers and teens, newly expecting mamas to seasoned moms and dads. 

Olmsted County's leading pediatric, pre/postnatal & family chiropractic office.

who we are


We exist to help people understand the meaning of true health and to release the healing potential of the nervous system inside of you, your child, and your entire family. We strive to serve each individual with the utmost love and passion that allows them to be the best version of themselves. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and impact our community to create a better future for every family.

our mission

While each of us brings a unique passion to the practice, we share an enthusiasm for providing balanced health for women and children. Both Dr. Abby and Dr. Beth are certified pediatric and prenatal chiropractors (CACCP) through the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association (ICPA). To better serve pregnant mamas, both doctors are certified in the Webster Technique which focuses on ensuring proper alignment of the pelvis for optimal positioning of the baby for labor and delivery. Dr. Beth is also certified to perform acupuncture and has a special emphasis on postpartum patients. 

We have grown from a two woman show trying to do it all, to a team of 6 amazing women, each with unique strengths that make RCW what it is today. 

Where it all began.

our story

It all started as a friendship back in Bloomington, MN. The year was 2009. We were just two girls living separate lives prior. Both having lived in Duluth blocks away from each other, but had no idea who each other were. We discovered this one of our first days of chiropractic school at Northwestern College of Chiropractic, fall of 2009. Fast forward 2 years and we are starting to think about life after chiropractic school. Both of us married and wanting to start families, but be business owners and do this chiropractor thing at the same time. That's when we started dreaming about RCW and all of the magic that could happen if we worked together. RCW was officially birthed, June 2012.

Dr. Abby views the body as one integrated system believes every individual has the opportunity to live their healthiest life possible by looking at the cause not just the symptoms. She also believes it is important to educate patients and empower them with the knowledge that true health comes from within.

Dr. Abby loves to work with families and has a special passion for working with women and their children. She believes you can make an incredible difference in the lives of children by examining their spine at birth for subluxation or misalignment. This is why she has received an immense amount of pediatric training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and has completed the pediatric chiropractic certification (CACCP) as well as completing the Epic Pediatrics training program. As a forever learner, Dr. Abby is a proud member of The Pediatric Experience and trains weekly with some of the best pediatric and family chiropractors in the country.

To better serve expecting moms, Dr. Abby is also certified in the Webster Technique which focuses on ensuring proper alignment of the pelvis and optimal positioning of the baby for labor and delivery. She loves using her background deep in science and applying it to real life situations in order to help patients transform their health.

Dr. Abby is passionate about the use of natural products, especially essential oils. When she is not in the office, she loves to spend time with her husband Tyson and 3 little ones – Charlotte, Oliver and Natalie.

Dr. Abby is excited to partner with you on your road to better health!

Dr. Abby Splittstoeser


Dr. Beth has a passion for treating pediatric and pre/postnatal populations, while still providing care for the entire family. Dr. Beth is certified in the Webster Technique and has her certification in chiropractic pediatrics. She completed her pediatric certification training (CACCP) through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and continues to spend many hours each year expanding her knowledge on how to help babies/children and pregnant moms. Dr. Beth is also certified to perform Acupuncture and has a special emphasis on post-partum patients. Her passion for helping the postpartum population, led her to acquire additional training in pelvic floor and core rehabilitation and complete her certification through the MuTu program. Dr. Beth has received training in nutrition and assists clients as they transform their health. She is a firm believer in the traditional food movement and is passionate about eating real food and maximizing health through whole food nutrition.

Dr. Beth McVey


The team of women who will be assisting the doctors to ensure the best care possible!

meet hailey

meet amanda

meet rya

meet jamie

Amanda Desousa

billing manager

Amanda has a background in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Allied Health. She established herself in the chiropractic world in 2013. Passionate about overall health and a firm believer in chiropractic care, Rochester Chiropractic and Wellness is a natural fit for her. Grateful for the RCW team, Amanda finds joy in helping with the care of patients as the Office Manager. Her favorite thing about RCW is the inviting atmosphere and how every patient is treated like family, deeply cared for on a personal level.

amanda's favorite things to do:

Participating in activities at her church, facetiming her mom and sister, and finding healthy recipes to create for her husband and two kids.

Jamie was one of RCW’s very first patients and when given the opportunity to join the team, she happily came on board. Jamie is a lifelong Rochester/Byron resident and has been married to her husband, Jim for 34 years. They have 2 adult children.

Jamie’s professional background is in Occupational Therapy, but since her children were born (some 30+ years ago!) she has assumed many roles, including: caterer, bread baker, coffee shop hostess, gourmet grocery and cheese specialist, horse groomer, championship race car mechanic, and award winning quilter. During the summer you will find her in the race shop working on her son’s sprint car and spending many hours behind the wheel of the race rig traveling to races throughout the upper midwest. Winters she burrows into her sewing studio happily stitching along. Jamie really enjoys getting to know our patients and contributing to the community of care here at RCW.

Jamie Kouba

patient care coordinator

Rya is originally from Benson, MN. After graduating high school, she decided to move to Rochester and attend UM-R. After classes moved online, she landed the job at RCW and has loved it ever since! Rya loves seeing the families come in and being able to see the babies grow up. 

Rya Abrego

patient care coordinator

rya's favorite thing to do:

Spending time with her fur babies, Avo and Blitz, or grabbing coffee and pup cups!

Hailey, a native of the Rochester area, has seen the benefits of chiropractic care first hand. Her grandmother worked at a chiropractic office, so she was adjusted regularly and has seen how it has changed her life. Hailey loves being a part of the team because of the connections she makes, babies she gets to hold, and the development she sees in the patients. 

Hailey Robertson

patient care coordinator

hailey's favorite thing to do:

My favorite things to do: go on walks with my husband and our ridiculously cute pup, Ollie; get tacos from the taco truck; or cruise the aisles of Target with starbs in hand - I know, it's painfully obvious. 

— Lori

“Rochester Chiropractic and Wellness has the type of atmosphere that you don't want to leave. I want to stay there for an hour after my appointment just to talk to the staff. It's warm, inviting, and cozy! Can't recommend enough!”