Body Friendly Gardening Tips

July 23, 2021

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We are in the peak season for yard work! Many of us are spending hours of our days tending vegetable gardens, flower beds and sprawling landscapes. Maybe all the bending and kneeling is taking it’s toll on you? A healthy spine leads to a healthy yard!

The repetitive bending, lifting and twisting can place significant biomechanical stress on the joints, muscles and ligaments of the lower back. The movements can lead to injury w/o proper training to support such loads. Tackling gardening motions the wrong way is a common cause for lower back pain. We still have several months of gardening ahead of us, so here are some tips for keeping your spinal nerves happy!

LIFT YARD SUPPLIES APPROPRIATELY Compost, mulch, and potted plants are heavy. Start lifting by getting as close to the object you’re about to lift. Engage your core, bend at the knees and bend forward at the waist. As you lift straighten your legs and bring your hips forward to stand straight. Carry the item close to your center of gravity for best practice.

GARDENING MATS – FRIEND OR FOE? Some gardeners dismiss the mats as simply a cushion under the knees. Most don’t realize that while it offers support to the knee, it also can help protect the roots in the spine.

WATER YOURSELF NOT JUST THE PLANTS As with all activities, proper hydration is critical. Good spinal health begins with good hydration. Dehydration can cause limited mobility, decreased flexibilty, and pain. With all the movement in gardening, hydration is a key way to prevent injury.

VISIT YOUR CHIROPRACTOR Whether you get an adjustment to increase your range of motion or to relieve an injury, regular adjustments keep those nerve pathways open and working as they should.

Playing in the yard doesn’t have to be at the expense of healthy spine health. Let us know if your yard has taken it’s toll on your body, and we’ll provide a safe and effective treatment to resume a happy spine!

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Farm-to-table jianbing kickstarter, mixtape taxidermy actually scenester. Asymmetrical tattooed locavore meggings YOLO organic.

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