Benefits of Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy

January 20, 2021

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So often pregnant women come into our office late in their pregnancy because they’ve had ongoing discomfort that has begun to interfere with their daily activities. One of our goals is to spread the word that discomfort in pregnancy doesn’t have to be ignored! In addition to alleviating and preventing discomfort in pregnancy, regular adjustments have many benefits that assist in carrying and birthing baby!
What are some of these benefits?

  1. Pelvic alignment and balance – the body changes and shifts during pregnancy, including the pelvic floor and balance. Regular adjustments keep the pelvis in alignment which allows for more comfort in pregnancy and an easier transition for baby during labor and birth.
  2. Reduced need for pain medication and shorter labor times – NCBI research shows that shorter labor times are present when a pregnant person seeks routine chiropractic care during pregnancy. Because of the relationship between lower back pain during labor and medical intervention, research also shows that routine care results in a reduced need for pain medication.
  3. More comfort when breastfeeding – Posture changes can continue postpartum as holding and feeding a newborn take over. Chiropractic care reduces stress and nerve irritation allowing for improved function of the nervous system.
  4. Greater production of breastmilk – well-adjusted bodies tend to be more relaxed which translates to balanced hormone levels which directly impact milk production.
  5. Less incidence of postpartum depression – Ultimately, when the nervous system is functioning optimally, then the rest of the body can function optimally as well. The body is able to adapt, heal, and function the way it was designed to w/o interference – which reduces the instances of postpartum depression.

There are many other benefits to chiropractic care during (and before!) pregnancy, these are just our top 5! Coming soon we’ll talk about how routine chiropractic adjustments for baby can also assist in successful breastfeeding and infant health!

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