Why do Parents Bring Their Healthy Kids to the Chiropractor?

October 30, 2020

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Oftentimes people view chiropractic care as a restorative option, and it definitely is, but preventive chiropractic care is valuable to a healthy lifestyle! How can routine care for your healthy child translate to ongoing health? Here’s our top 10 reasons to bring your healthy children to the chiropractor:

Reason #1: To encourage good brain and nerve development!

Reason #2: To support the nerve communication between the brain and body by promoting health & well-being. When the spine is out of alignment, the communication between the BRAIN and the BODY happens at less than 100%! This creates stress and tension on the nerves. That stress causes the central nervous system to go into a protective state of fight or flight.

Reason #3: Regular adjustments help children have a strong immune system.

Reason #4: To resolve problems with breastfeeding and colic.

Reason #5: To help with asthma, breathing difficulties & allergies. When a child’s body is able to function optimally, it reduces the difficulties kids have with asthma, allergy symptoms & other breathing issues because the lungs can work fully!

Reason #6: To improve spinal posture. A balanced foundation for the spine to sit on is crucial. It begins with crawling; crawling doesn’t just help with movement in the pelvis, it is also crucial in brain development and coordination. Do you find yourself saying “sit up straight” to your kids all of the time? The prevalence of low back pain is as high in teens as it is in adults now.

Reason #7: To improve the ability to concentrate. Adjustments help regulate the nervous system, allowing kids to be able to concentrate better and to increase their thinking and problem solving skills.

Reason #8: To assist with behavior disorders and enhance emotional well-being for the child. When kids are able to work through their different feelings, they experience fewer highs and lows throughout the day.

Reason #9: To help alleviate digestive issues. An adjustment targeting the nerves that control digestion helps to regulate the digestive system. After an adjustment things you might notice are: a blowout, less constipation, help with diarrhea, less bloating and more! 

Reason #10: To help with bed-wetting and sleep issues. When the spine is in proper alignment, the nervous system is clear of interference so the nerves that control the bladder are able to regulate and reduce bed-wetting. Adjustments also push the “brake pedal” on the nervous system allowing the body to shift more into rest and digest mode. Lots of healing and repair happen when we sleep!

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