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March 29, 2018

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I just wanted to share with you some of the resources I have been using throughout my pregnancy. This includes everything ranging from books, apps, and podcasts. While I love these different resources, what I have found most useful is talking to my family and friends who have been through this before. Having a good support system is so important during pregnancy. I would love to hear what resources you found most helpful!


“Well Adjusted Babies” This book is a must read. It is a great source of information. It covers a wide range of topics, and is a resource I will continue to use while Baby Schmidt is growing up!

“The First 40 Days” This book is all about the postpartum time. Most books just lead up to delivery. I understand that it is important to know what to expect throughout pregnancy and labor, but your body will go through changes in that fourth trimester. It is essential to be prepared for that time as well.



So, yes, I use three different countdown apps! I like all of them for different reasons. Plus I think it is kind of fun to know what three different pieces of fruit your baby is the size of each week. J

“What to Expect” This app is based off the famous book. I like the community aspect of this app. You are placed in group of women who are all due in the same month as you. In this group you are able to ask questions. I like to read what other women are going through and hear others ideas. You are also able to join other groups based off your needs. This app also does a weekly video which talks about what systems your baby is developing that week.

Screen shot of what the Ovia Pregnancy App looks like and an idea of the daily facts.

“The Bump” I really like this apps weekly descriptions of how the baby is developing. The weekly discussions also go over how your body is changing as well, which is important. I also found the planner of prenatal appointments most user friendly with this app.

“Ovia Pregnancy” This was probably my favorite app of the three of them. I like how it had daily tips and facts that were easy to read. It also gave the most activity tips, which from a chiropractic stand point, I think are very important.




“The Birth Hour” I love listening to and reading birth stories, especially once I found out I was pregnant. The Birth Hour has hundreds of birth stories available for you to listen to. My favorite part is that it doesn’t focus on one type of birth. There are home births, hospital births, and birth center births. The podcast also goes into stories about VBACS, unplanned cesarean births, infertility struggles and many more topics.



Midwives – As many of you know, we are planning on doing a home birth. Our midwives have been incredible. Throughout this prenatal time, they have been able to answer any question I have and give good suggestions. It is so important to have people who you trust and respect be present for your birth.

Chiropractors – I have been getting regularly adjusted throughout this pregnancy. Dr. Beth and Dr. Abby not only provide pain relief, but are a wealth of knowledge to all things pregnancy related.


Yours in Health and Wellness,

Dr. Jordan

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