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December 28, 2017

Farm-to-table jianbing kickstarter, mixtape taxidermy actually scenester. Asymmetrical tattooed locavore meggings.

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Amanda is one of those people who you instantly want to be friends with once you meet her. She is kindhearted and always thinking of others first. She has been an amazing addition to the RCW team, and we are grateful for her every day! ūüôā

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RCW Team Member Spotlight

Name: Amanda DeSousa

Hometown:  Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Family:  Andrew (Husband), Manny (dog)

How did you get into chiropractic: I first starting seeking chiropractic care after a gymnastics injury my junior year of high school and still currently receive chiropractic care, after seeing/feeling the multiple benefits.

Favorite activity when not at RCW:  I enjoy finding new recipes and fun ways to keep living a healthy lifestyle and spending time with my awesome husband on the motorcycle or being outdoors with our dog.

One fun fact about you that not many people know:  I have been sugar free for almost two years! Yes, there are moments when I cheat, but I cannot believe how cutting refined sugar has changed my health and everyday life in so many ways.

Travel Dreams: Travel to Italy for the history and, most importantly, the food and coffee!

What I love about RCW: I love RCW for my amazing teammates and fun atmosphere.  I am always learning and expanding my knowledge of what chiropractic care can do for people of all ages.

Chiropractic Philosophy: Chiropractic is not designed to make you instantly feel better. It is designed to make you instantly heal better.

Favorite Advice: Fix your eyes on Jesus!


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Farm-to-table jianbing kickstarter, mixtape taxidermy actually scenester. Asymmetrical tattooed locavore meggings YOLO organic.

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