Dr. Jordan’s Top Recipes & Postpartum Diet

December 14, 2017

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Let’s talk about one of my favorite topics – FOOD! I’m excited to share with you some of my top go to meals. I also wanted to discuss eating postpartum and what meals I will be prepping ahead of time and freezing before Baby Schmidt comes in February.

I would love to hear from you. What are your favorite meals? Do you have any dishes that freeze really well?

During my pregnancy, I have really tried to focus on nutrient dense food. Below are some of my favorite meals that I wanted to share with you. I will explain any changes I make to the recipes, and let you know which ones I plan on freezing for my postpartum time.

During postpartum you really want to focus on warm foods and drinks. This is because you want to bring warmth and blood flow to your core to encourage repair.  Also, during pregnancy your digestive system slows down due to the lack of space, and it will take a while for it get back to normal. Knowing this, easy to digested foods, such as soups, are good during this time. If you would like to know more about what to eat during the postpartum time. The book, “The First Forty Days“, is an awesome resource.


Smoky Acorn Soup

This soup from the blogger paleOMG is amazing during the fall and winter. I do change up the recipe a bit depending on what vegetables I have on hand. I will not only roast the squash, but I have also added sweet potatoes, carrots, and green peppers for some added variety. We also like food a little spicy at my house, so I will also add some cayenne pepper for a little kick. This is one that I plan on making ahead of time and freezing.

Asian Noodle Bowls

These noodles from the blogger Iowa Girl Eats are so good!! The preparation of this meal is quick and easy, which makes them even better. This is another one where I will change up the veggies based off what I have on hand. I have added broccoli and water chestnuts! This is not one I will be freezing because I don’t think it would freeze the best.

Coconut Chicken Thai Curry

This curry from the blogger Tastes Lovely is one of my husband’s favorites. I love using coconut cream instead of coconut milk because it gives it an awesome full flavor. We will frequently eat this over riced cauliflower.

Almost 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie

This is one of my favorite meals!!! I may claim it is almost better than actual pizza. This spaghetti squash pizza pie from the blogger PaleOMG is super easy and delicious. I normally add veggies that I love on pizza – peppers, mushrooms, and onion. This is one I plan on making ahead and freezing.

Sheet Pan Meals

Sheet pan meals are my favorite and we probably do them at least once a week. I never do the same one twice because I always just use whatever veggies and meat we have leftover. Also, adding chopped bacon to the top of your veggies makes them taste so much better! I never knew I liked brussel sprouts until I added bacon to them. My number one advice: always add bacon. I get my bacon from Costco, they have a good nitrite free option.

Creamy Sweet Potato Bacon Chowder – Dairy Free

This is another soup that is full of good nutrients. This is one that I plan on making ahead and freezing as well.

Bone Broth

I also wanted to share a bone broth recipe again from The Healthy Maven. You can use this bone broth for the soups mentioned above. A cup of bone broth daily, would be awesome during the postpartum time. Remember you can make this and freeze it.


I hope that this gives you some new ideas for meals throughout the week. Also please share this information with any new moms you know.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

Dr. Jordan

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